This is the 4th installment in our Choosing an Auctioneer series (read other articles here). In this post, we will discuss the importance of a written proposal and the parts of ours. Receiving a written proposal from the auctioneer prior engaging him to conduct the auction lets you know what the auctioneer is going to […]

  Our March event includes land, homes, and vacant commercial and residential lots in South Carolina. All of these properties will be sold to the highest bidder at online only auction. Plus, we also have a bankruptcy courted ordered auction for a closed truck accessories business in Piedmont, SC. Acreage In Gray Court, SC, we […]

Terry Howe & Associates, Inc. wants to make your experience at the auction enjoyable and easy to understand. Here are some tips that will help you. Learn about the property! 1. Read all the information about the property you are interested in bidding on. 2. Watch the video about the property. Almost all of our […]