Chester County Forfeited Land Commission:
Chester County Forfeited Land Commission

Chester County, SC - 38 Properties For Forfeited Land Commission

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Bidding starts at $100 per property!

Online Bidding Only

38 Properties for Chester County Forfeited Land Commission

Click online bidding link for listing of properties

Online Bidding Only

Began: Friday, June 14, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDT

Ended: Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 12:00 PM EDT


These properties are owned by Chester County Forfeited Land Commission and were acquired due to delinquent taxes.

Bidding starts at $100, and all properties will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Contract Package with disclosures, terms and conditions coming soon. Please read through this information prior to bidding on any property.


037-00-00-012-000 3186 MT PROSPECT RD., CHESTER, SC
068-01-00-009-000 650 CENTER RD., CHESTER, SC
069-03-00-017-000 STELLA ST., CHESTER, SC
069-05-21-002-000 504 SIRRINE ST., CHESTER, SC
069-05-27-009-000 525 SIRRINE ST., CHESTER, SC
078-01-01-058-000 HUGHES RD LOT U, CHESTER, SC
078-02-02-013-000 YORK RD., CHESTER, SC
078-03-01-020-000 DARBY RD., CHESTER, SC
078-03-07-044-000 DARBY RD., CHESTER, SC
079-01-13-001-000 ROAD 538, CHESTER, SC
079-01-14-009-000 OLD YORK RD., CHESTER, SC
079-01-14-011-000 OLD YORK RD., CHESTER, SC
079-03-11-044-000 536 SALUDA RD., CHESTER, SC
150-02-04-003-000 S C HWY 12-75, BLACKSTOCK, SC
160-03-02-017-000 GEORGE BEARD AVE., GREAT FALLS, SC
160-03-02-057-000 GEORGE BEARD AVE., GREAT FALLS, SC
201-01-01-004-000 102 CUSHMAN DR., CHESTER, SC
201-02-12-051-000 107 BRADLEY ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-01-003-000 117 CALDWELL ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-04-036-000 125 OAK ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-04-079-000 OFF STEINKULER ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-04-080-000 LOOMIS ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-08-012-000 80 LYNWOOD ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-09-008-000 OFF GRAHAM ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-09-019-000 OFF ODOM ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-10-002-000 110 GRAHAM ST., CHESTER, SC
201-04-10-019-000 130 STEINKUHLER ST., CHESTER, SC
201-07-06-001-000 BROOKLYN ST., CHESTER, SC
201-07-06-008-000 FLOYD ST., CHESTER, SC
201-07-06-013-000 OFF FLOYD ST., CHESTER, SC
201-07-07-025-000 OFF STERLING ST., CHESTER, SC
201-09-11-027-000 185 WEST END ST., CHESTER, SC
202-07-13-014-000 61 CIRCLE ST., GREAT FALLS, SC
202-07-15-003-000 32 PINE ST., GREAT FALLS, SC
202-07-18-010-000 30 CIRCLE ST., GREAT FALLS, SC
202-10-17-003-000 31 BROOKLINE ST., GREAT FALLS, SC
202-10-18-010-000 24 CHURCH ST., GREAT FALLS, SC
206-01-09-015-000 MICHELLE DR., BLACKSTOCK, SC


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