City of Newnan, GA:
City of Newnan, GA

28 Properties for the City of Newnan, GA

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Sell to the highest bidder

Online Bidding Only

.,  Newnan, GA

28 Properties for the City of Newnan

See online bidding link for list of properties
Lots 1-28

Online Bidding Only

Began: Friday, November 08, 2019 at 8:00 AM EST

Ended: Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST


The properties in this auction are owned by the City of Newnan. They are surplus to the city's need and will be sold to the highest bidder through the online auction. Bidding starts at $100 per property. Each property will be sold individually. See online bidding link for more information about individual properties.


Properties 1 thru 9 will be sold by Quitclaim Deed only.

Lot Address Tax ID
1 24 Pratt Street, Newnan, GA N25-0003-004
2 71 Belt (Belk) Road, Newnan, GA N42-0001-006
3 74 Belt (Belk) Road, Newnan, GA N42-0002-003
4 76  Belt (Belk) Road, Newnan, GA N42-0002-004
5 Sunset Lane, Newnan, GA N25-0002-003
6 145 W. Washington Street, Newnan, GA N24-0007-006
7 105-Rear W. Washington Street, Newnan, GA N22-0003-019
8 94 Sunset Lane, Newnan, GA N24 0003 008
9 64 Berry Avenue, Newnan, GA N34-0001-017

Properties 10 thru 28 will be sold by Quitclaim deed only. They have tax deed history and were acquired due to delinquent property taxes. The City has not foreclosed on the right of redemption. 

10 10 Second Street, Newnan, GA N03-0002-009
11 113 W. Washington Street, Newnan, GA N22-0003-012
12 14 Hill Street, Newnan, GA N32-0003-005
13 140 Spring Street, Newnan, GA N09-0002-024
14 200 W. Washington Street, Newnan, GA N43-004
15 203 W. Washington Street, Newnan, GA N42-0002-010
16 23 Davis Street, Newnan, GA N14-0004-011
17 3 Melson Street, Newnan, GA N08-0001-008
18 34 Ray Street, Newnan, GA N22-0012-003
19 37 Westgate Park Lane, Newnan, GA N43A-063
20 77 Berry Avenue, Newnan, GA N56-008
21 85 Belt (Belk) Road, Newnan, GA N42-0001-011
22 9 Roberts Road, Newnan, GA N34-0002-020
23 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan, GA N57-466
24 Portico Place, Newnan, GA SG7-320
25 Timberlane Subdivision detention area, Newnan, GA W08 525
26 12 Dewey Street, Newnan, GA N13-0003-008
27 41 Ray Street, Newnan, GA N22-0005-005
28 23 Dewey Street, Newnan, GA N13 0004 013